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This past Anime LA been pretty great~~ Saw a lot of old friends and meet some new friends~~ Big thanks to everyone that make the weekend wonderful~~

Day 1
TT... got work... so drive up at night. Grab diner with some cosers and photographer~~

Day 2
The con start~ I did not get to the con till almost noon. Though, ^^; none of the Magi group member are ready. We didnt left the room till after 1pm.... preview~~… ... I dont remember much about this cos. ^^;;; cause I was freezing cold... After that we switch to Kuroko no Basketball for the late afternoon/night shoot. Thanks to Jeff for taking the picture... still waiting for the group photo... preview...… ...

Day 3
Kind of take our time the next morning. Re-ware Kamui from Gintama for Karen's group... still waiting for photo... after that is Social time~~…
Happy new year~~

This past year been kind of awesome~~ Kind of move out of the town that I am familiar with but make new buddies at the new place.

Didnt take as many photo that I want, but still successfully put out 20+ cos~ Thanks to everyone that support me.

Here we go~ 2013~~~
This year Fanime I try to keep easy (ish) *lie*... but full of not eating... ^^;;; But thanks to all the friends that make this on awesome~~~

Leave from San Diego to Los Angels to carpool with Bobby up to Fanime. I dont remember much about the driving part... ^^;;; slept most of the way up... We arrive around 7-ish and went to find "people" at a BBQ place near by~ Nice to see people from Norcal and of course Socal people too~ Rooming with Steph at Fairamont that night. Hear Obama was in the same hotel at the same time, but didnt get a chance to see him ^^;;; Night time is party for half hour and helping Steph sewing~~

Nothing much on that day. Dress up as Masamune Takano from Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi... ^^; no one realize who I am... play some rape time with Steph and we got board... so I change into Gai from Guilty Crown before I head to Boba with Tiff~

Originally I suppose to ware Dynasty Warrior... but I end up didnt finish the cos... and somehow Shiya scheduled our Magic Knight shoot few hours earlier then what it suppose to be... so I ware Magic Knight most of the day *feet hurt*... Night time is my dream Guilty Crown shoot with some amazing people~ XD~~ Gai~~~

Busy-ish day... First costume of the day is Sounds Horizon. LOL and amazingly EVERYONE (11 people) all show on time for the shoot~~~ the trick is telling everyone that "the person who didnt show on time have to treat rest of the people lunch"!!!! Bobby is the photographer for the shoot (who lost all the photo at last) and Mihn and Eric join the shoot later~ After Sounds Horizon I change into Tachibana from Gate 7. Chi cos Hanna... and the costume is SUPER CRAZY looking!!! first time I see in person! Last but not least. My night end up Blood-C shoot~ Just by myself~ so something easy~ afterward is pack pack and pack~

^^; I didnt leave it blank... I ware Jack from Pandora Hearts~ though only took few photos. Most of time I sit in front of Marriott with Rachael  and chat ^^;;; After some quick photos, I finally eat my first REAL meal of the con with Nadia and Azu~~ ah food~~~
I really love how WorldCosplay design its site. It is easy to share the photos and people dont have to say much *^^; maybe Im just lazy* I been having account in World Cosplay for a while~ forgot to share it with people~~ my WorldCosplay account is...…
^^; I kind of get talk into go to Com-Com... Thanks to Johnny... um... Just hope mom will let me go. It is a International convention for me after all.
Travel back from Asia~ (mainly Taiwan) Very huge thanks to RuiHime for playing Ciel in Wonderland and Gintama with me and quatre2323 and Lala for planing Pandora Hearts shoot.
picture of the trip will be up here and there ^^;;; when I got time to process them....
I am planing to visit Taiwan either end of this month or beginning of next month~ I might be able to make it to PF15 (Oct 29-30)。 If I actially able to attenf PF15, it is going to be my first out of the States con。 I am so excited!!! Um。。。 what cos should I bring~~
X/1999 cosplay been my "all time must cosplay list" for a while.  After years of dream~ This group finally comes together~~ Say the truth, the process of organizing this group was super frustrated. ^^;;; Situation force me to make 4.5 cos... (Karen ver. 2 was not use in this shoot). However, my dream finally comes true. Thanks to all the photographer that participate and all the coser who are into the series or just there to help me fill the characters. Big thanks to you guys~~ <3~~
^^;;; update a bit late~~ but~~ back from AX~~

This year AX was pretty great~~ had a lot of fun~ Even though there are still some disappointment, but overall~ its a great weekend~ thanks to everyone who makes this weekend a great weekend~

Last minute finish my costume day ^^;;; and went to spend the night at Chi's house~

Cos scheduled~
Musical Ciel from Kuroshitsuji (for Kalafina panel)
Eric from Castlevania Judgment (cos with Chi, Ming, and Ronnie. Thanks to Lionel, Eric, Mike, Yoshi for taking photos~ Meet a lot of nice people~)

Subaru from X (TT we still missing 2 people from the group... but Im still happy that we got 12 people~ Thanks to Lionel for taking the group picture. Ming, Chi, Ronnie, and Sirian for last minute cosplay)
Yukio from Ao no Exorcist (Thanks to Kristen for letting me change in her room. Willson being Daddy and Steph being twin brother~~ Thanks to Mihn for doing a shoot for us~)

Sharyl from Macross movie (Sharyl group with one ranka(tako) and two Alto( Peter and Da). Thanks to Tony, Mike, Abbott, Tiff, and Bobby for photo.)

C.C. from Code Geass (TT just myself... since Shiya dont have time to ware it... Thanks to Abbott, Eric, Oscar and people for photos~~)
Moving back to home soon... ^^;;; cant let mom find out I did so much cos over the past few years... so... I have to sell A LOT of my cos. If anyone are interested on any of my old cos, please tell me~~ ♥~~ (…)
^^ its time to prep for Fanime... ^^; I feel so bad that I havent even start sewing it yet... and its only 18 days away...
Cos plan so far are... * might add or drop*

Kamui (Gintama)
Rai (Lamwnto)
C.C. (Code Geass)
Hijikata (Hakuouki)
Ciel (Kuro myu)
Nao (Liar Game)
Izaya (Durarara)
Narcissus (Harry Potter)
Shima (Zone-00)
New to this Deciantart thingy.... Dont have any idea how it works... *cry*